Managed Websites

A website is a combination of many features, technologies, strategies, and more - and they need to be woven together in a coherent way.  In addition, websites need to be Responsive (learn about that here) and full featured.  Websites are a surprisngly challenging development effort.

JMarc offers a complete solution for your website.  We design, implement, host and maintain your site to ensure success.  

Each website we work on uses a collection of products and features - fully managed and customized by JMarc - including:

  • JMarc projects include everything!An end-to-end development process that covers all aspects of site creation, including a comprehensive Road Map that defines every screen and every feature of the new website
  • A full content management system (Drupal) to allow robust content editing and publishing features
  • A responsive web design so your site works well on everything from desktops to smartphones
  • Hosting in an Amazon Cloud environment for high availability and fault tolerance
  • Full backup and recovery services
  • Google apps email to handle your most robust email requirements
  • Full service for loading content and managing your site launch
  • A team approach with experienced staff who have worked on complex projects with JMarc for over ten years
  • Ongoing support for your website including patching and updates

As a small consulting firm that relies on referrals and word of mouth advertising, JMarc is invested in your project and will ensure success!  

Contact JMarc today and we will take your website from concept to operational.

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